Scaffolding & insulation service

Supply material & manpower for installation

 Supply materials & manpower for installation:
•  Supply materials, install scaffolding following as Bristish, Australian, Japanese standards…
•  All scaffolding supervisor and Scaffoders both have Level II, level III certificate, have sufficient experiences and skills of Design, Erection and modification at any conditions (at high, over water etc…)
•  Scaffolding service is ready for construction, installation, maintenance for Projects and Factories.
Scaffolding work in Zone 3 – NSRP.
•  Total quantity of scafforing materials is: 12,000 tons.
•  DMC have workshop, fork lift, cargo crane in Vung Tau, Nghi Son, Dung Quat
•  Main works in NSRP: tanks, sphere tanks, pipe rack, Stair case for pipe rack…
>•  Construction and installation wastewater treatment plants for domestics,  hospitals, urban areas; Industrial wastewater and Solid waste treatment.
•  Providing Solutions, materials for environmental treatment and know-how transfer.
•  Evaluation of environmental impact of industrial and civil projects
•  Environment surveillance, collection, trasportation and treatment of industrial waste.
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