Cleaning and environmental services

Cleaning & Environmental services

Cleaning services
DMC provide services for Water jetting, chemical cleaning, oil flushing in piping, boiler, heat exchanger systems,  crude oil – oil products tank, industrial plants…
•  Cleaning services for tankers, FSO/ FPSO, tanks, industrial equipment.
•  Cleaning boilers, equipment, pipelines of heat exchanger system
•  Cleaning tanks, crude oil transportation and storage facilities; FSO/ FPSO; collection, transportation and treatment of oil residue and waste, treatment of oil contaminated water to meet environmental requirements before discharge.
•  Pre-operative cleaning of industrial equipment, pipelines, tanks.
Cleaning equipment system
Cleaning equipment system which has integrated tank cleaning system and floating oil storage is produced by Scanjet Inc. The system has included Cleaning In Place (CIP) with productivity 550 m/h, cleaning capacity 100.000m/10h; 16 nozzle system with a radius of  fillet 40m and water jet spray angle 3600 can be applied in various oil tanks; chemical blending module can clean various oil tanks. In addition, the3 system also has waste treatment module after cleaning procedure such as: water–oil separation module, solid waste separation module which can solve waste after cleaning in accordance with international standard, especially Sea Environment Standard – Marprol 73-78.
Besides, the system is equipped additive modules such as boiler system, generator system and chemical tanks…with total weight of 20 tons. These modudes making the system run flexibly, independently is suitable with outshore tank treatment.
Total investment: 94 billion VND
Environmental services
•  Providing solutions, Water supply treament units for specialized industrial equipment.
•  Construction and installation wastewater treatment plants for domestics,  hospitals, urban areas; Industrial wastewater and Solid waste treatment.
•  Providing Solutions, materials for environmental treatment and know-how transfer.
•  Evaluation of environmental impact of industrial and civil projects
•  Environment surveillance, collection, trasportation and treatment of industrial waste.

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