Anti -corrosion services

Anti-corrosion services

* Corrosion monitoring and inspection
•  Determination of corrosion rate by electrochemical methods such as RP, PC…
•  Testing and evaluation of anti-corrosion efficiency of coatings, cathodic protection and corrosion inhibitors.
•  Monitoring internal corrosion in-situ by coupon installation
•  Evaluation of internal corrosion, holiday detection (pitting, fraction…) of pipelines, facilities, metal structures using NDT method.
•  Study for causes of corrosion, analysis of corrosive agents such as H2S, CO2, water, salt, sulfate bacteria, etc.…by laboratory and field equipment.
* Consulting, design and supply of corrosion protection system
•  Consulting, design and inspection of projects in the field of corrosion.
•  Consulting, design and supply of cathodic protection system.
•  Consulting, design, inspection and installation of cathodic protection system by sacrificial anode and/or impressed current.
•  Manufacturing and supply of sacrificial anodes for corrosion protection of pipelines and tanks.
•  Consulting and supply of additives, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, scale inhibitors, etc.
•  Supply of coatings for facilities and metal structures.
•  Selection of suitable materials for facilities and pipelines in different working conditions.
•  Risk based inspection assessment for pipelines and equipment to ensure asset integrity in oil and gas industry.
•  Surface cleaning for equipments, pipe lines, oil storage tanks before coating paint.
•  Paint patching for Pipe lines, Mechanical structures, Equipments and Oil tanks in Petro-chemical Refinery Plants.
•  Providing solutions of anticorrosionand Technial Transfer.
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