Activity Scopes


Production is one of three main activities of Drilling Mud Corporation. With more 25 experienced years of manufacturing & trading drilling fluid chemicals such as Barite API & Bentonite API, DMC has affirmed well-known trademarks.  In the future, DMC has made constant efforts to research, broaden production, search chemicals, petrochemical products with intelligent content & high technique.
DMC’s typical products:
Barite – API DMC®; Bentonite – API DMC®; CaCO3 DMC®  các loại; Bao bì; Safecarb DMC®, Donomite DMC®; Bentonite Bored Pile; Cement G – HSR; Silica – Flour; Biosafe DMC®;  Super – Lub DMC®; Sulfur; Bentag DMC®…

Production Capacity: 
Order Number Product Capacity per 01 year
( ton)
1 Barite API DMC ® >40.000
2 Bentonite API DMC ® >12.500
3 Xi măng G HSR 3.500
4 Safe Carb, CaCO3 các loại 5.000
5 Sản phẩm khác 13.500

 1. Cai Mep Petroleum Chemical products Factory 
Address: Cai Mep industry zone, Ba Ria province – Vung Tau city
This factory has three manufacturing line systems with international standards, including Cement G – HSR manufacturing line system, Bentonite manufacturing line system and Silica Flour manufacturing line system.
 Cement G – HSR manufacturing line system Capacity: 40.000 tons/ year, API Monogram standard. This product has met the demand in domestic market &supplied for export.
  • Bentonite manufacturing line system
          Capacity: 25.000 tons/year, API standard
  • Silica Flour manufacturing line system
          Capacity: 14.000 tons/year
  • Modern Logistics system with storehouse 5.000 m2

2. Barite manufacturing factory in Laos
Address: Phakat, Vilabouly District, Savannaket Province, Laos
This factory has manufactured iron materials to meet the demand for Laos and export (following API standard)
Capacity: 50.000 tons/ year
The project, which is a joint venture between DMC and Quang Binh export company & VTS Group Company – Laos, has capital contribution ratio 30/30/40.

 3. Workshop and storehouse system in Gia Lam, Ha Noi
  • Workshop has three lines with square 3226 m2 and manufacturing line system:Barite –API DMC ®;CaCo3 ;Donomite DMC®; Wrapping.
  • Storehouse: Square 15187 m2
- Indoor storehouse: Square 5999 m2 (including: square 5210 m2 for materials, products and goods; storage capacity: 7350 tons of big bag and 4950 tons of 25-50 kg bag)
- Outdoor storehouse: Square 9194 m2 (including materials collecting yard and materials drying yard for manufacturing)
Mineral exploration, exploitation and processing
 Barite, Bentonite, Dolomite, Feldspar, Calcium Carbonate, Ore, construction stone and other industrial minerals.
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