Activity Scopes


Production is one of three main activities of Drilling Mud Corporation. With more 25 experienced years of manufacturing & trading drilling fluid chemicals such as Barite API & Bentonite API, DMC has affirmed well-known trademarks.  In the future, DMC has made constant efforts to research, broaden production, search chemicals, petrochemical products with intelligent content & high technique.
DMC’s typical products:
Barite – API DMC®; Bentonite – API DMC®; CaCO3 DMC®  các loại; Bao bì; Safecarb DMC®, Donomite DMC®; Bentonite Bored Pile; Cement G – HSR; Silica – Flour; Biosafe DMC®;  Super – Lub DMC®; Sulfur; Bentag DMC®…

Production Capacity: 
Order Number Product Capacity per 01 year
( ton)
1 Barite API DMC ® >40.000
2 Bentonite API DMC ® >12.500
3 Xi măng G HSR 3.500
4 Safe Carb, CaCO3 các loại 5.000
5 Sản phẩm khác 13.500

 1. Cai Mep Petroleum Chemical products Factory 
Address: Cai Mep industry zone, Ba Ria province – Vung Tau city
This factory has three manufacturing line systems with international standards, including Cement G – HSR manufacturing line system, Bentonite manufacturing line system and Silica Flour manufacturing line system.
 Cement G – HSR manufacturing line system Capacity: 40.000 tons/ year, API Monogram standard. This product has met the demand in domestic market &supplied for export.
  • Bentonite manufacturing line system
          Capacity: 25.000 tons/year, API standard
  • Silica Flour manufacturing line system
          Capacity: 14.000 tons/year
  • Modern Logistics system with storehouse 5.000 m2

2. Barite manufacturing factory in Laos
Address: Phakat, Vilabouly District, Savannaket Province, Laos
This factory has manufactured iron materials to meet the demand for Laos and export (following API standard)
Capacity: 50.000 tons/ year
The project, which is a joint venture between DMC and Quang Binh export company & VTS Group Company – Laos, has capital contribution ratio 30/30/40.

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