About DMC Corporation


I. Introduction
With its establishment in 1990, Drilling Mud Corporation became a leading subsidiary of PetroVietnam to supply a variety of fields in Vietnam such as Supplying technical services including drilling fluids, anti-corrosion, cleaning & environment treatment; Producing & Trading chemicals, chemical products for petroleum industry and other industries. 
With a motto of bringing the highest benefits to customers, DMC has made constant efforts to provide high quality products and services, affirming its brand status in domestic and international markets.

​II. History milestones
  • 8/3/1990: Established Drilling Mud Corporation; Charter Capital: 755 million VND
  • 18/10/2005: Established Drilling Mud Joint Stock Company; Charter Capital: 120 billion VND
  • 15/11/2007: DMC’s stock were officially exchanged on Hanoi Security Trading Centre with trading code PVC; Charter Capital: 120 billion VND
  • 30/5/2008: Operating as Parent – Subsidiary Company; Charter Capital: 145 billion VND
  • 8/3/2015: Receiving the first class Labor Medal; Charter Capital: 500 billion VND
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